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4 Years of Soulful Journey

Some things are gifted, others are created. If it's a blend of the two, something innovative is born out of nothing. The year was 2012 when something was born out of nothing in me. A fight with my inner self to do something of the emotions that are boiling inside. The commotion, the love, the depression and the happy feeling all mixed up inside with no path to escape.

Bound by the locked doors bolted for long. The beliefs that had been long formed since the birth led to a disaster in the thinking process. The struggle started by challenging everything that stood by my side. The beliefs, the thoughts, the insanity that took over me with a sudden flow of energy. This energy was so powerful that could literally blast me off my feet into the sky above, never to return.

Every time the days passed, the urge to channel this powerful boost of energy grew. Breaking the bolted doors in my mind, releasing me into the free zone became the need of the hour. Who doesn't want to be free? Who doesn't want to express oneself? These kind of questions took over. Several years of running recklessly without a goal in mind or without any purpose in my life bowled me over.

Well it was difficult or rather impossible to catch up with the lost time but it was very much in my hand to utilize the time I had ahead of me. Then, blogging happened to me. I started off with my blog Saurabh's Lounge with lot of uncertainties. I was not aware about what tempted me to write? What mood I am in when I need to write. Sometimes, a soft push of motivation led me pen down beautiful poems, sometimes forcing myself to write was a big disaster for me and my blog!

I started living in two worlds all together. There was no interconnecting link or bridge that could connect one world to the other. Morning time, I led a normal life of a regular office goer pursuing the not so wanted job from 9-6 which led me nowhere. The fun part started at night when I used to explore an entirely different world. I used to sit and think about the thing that was troubling me from inside. I tried hard to channel my energies of love, commotion, random emotion of hatred, depression etc.

The deep hidden feelings came out in the form of words on my blog. I wrote poetry for the first time in my life and felt wonderful. Slowly and steadily, the energies that were blended together started to separate down. A time was there when I hated everything around me.  When I used to sit during the nights, the whole perspective of looking at the world around me changed.  

Blogging not only made me to vent off the saturation piling up inside me, it took off a huge burden off me, especially the emotional burden. Writing on my blog inspired me to search back my lost soul. It led me to a whole new world of creativity which was limitless. I came to know that I have some kind of limitless potential building up in me. This may seem lame but every body has this limitless potential. The only thing is to dig in deep into yourself to know it. It will not take a life time to do that so don't worry about that.

The blogging journey has been so great till now. I got to meet some of the awesome people out there which I would never even have known in my life. It's not just expressing yourself but also to take off a burden off you making you feel relieved. Blogging is a kind of revelation of the hidden treasure you are carrying within you even without knowing about it.

This April, I completed whole four years of soulful blogging on my blog Saurabh's Lounge.  I will continue to do so till the end of my life!


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