Apr 17, 2016

How experience teaches some of the important lessons in life.

Saurabh Chawla | |
Many a times, people see themselves fail. Even after knowing some strategy they had put into their project is the best, they still fail. Some people know that they will succeed if they follow this strategy and will not succeed if they follow that strategy. The former ones play a speculative game while the latter ones have already played their speculative games and know what will work and what will not.
Experience, if one follows from the meaning of the word, it means 'practical contact with and observation of facts or events.' It comes from exploring the things around. Consider a scenario of a child and an adult. If we give both of them a burning match stick, the probability of the child getting his hand burnt is much higher than that of the adult. The reason, experience. An adult already knows that the burning match stick will burn his hand while the child experienced it. So the next time if a burning match stick is given to the child, he/she will know that it's going to hurt him/her.
The people gain experience when they start exploring different things around them. If you start going to different places with different gatherings, you will get to know new people, there will be conversations with people of like mind which in turn will help you to form a network.
If you try doing one thing and fail, that is called as experience. You tried, you failed. You should take it positively. Take notes of what went wrong? Either you were mot well prepared or you were overconfident that you overlooked the failure.
Once you try to take every failure as an experience, making changes in your path rather than changing your entire goal, you will notice a positive feeling inside you. That feeling will lead you to success.
Experience comes with time. They both are directly proportional. You must try to explore different situations, circumstances and record your reactions to them. The more you would be able to gain experience, more self esteem, more confidence you would have.
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