May 22, 2016

Achieve success by following these principles

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Success has different meaning for different people. For some, it could be passing in an examination. For a baby, it could be the first time he/she starts walking on his own feet etc. Depending from person to person, the definition of success changes. If you ask successful people out there about their mantra for success, you will find a different story every time. For each of them, success came to them by following certain principles. Some of the principles, you will find out when you will connect the dots would be somewhat the same. Today, in this post I am going to discuss these principles which can pave your way to success.
1) Pursue what you are expert at:
When you are an expert at something, you automatically become passionate about it. Now the question which I come across is many times by my friends is that they don't know that one thing in which they are expert at. They don't know their hidden talent. They either fail to realize it at all or when they realize it, it's too late (according to them).
"One thing to clear out of your head is to follow your talent and never let it die."
My answer to their questions is that they should change their mindsets. According to me, our minds are cluttered with lot of information which comes to us from multiple sources and we inculcate most of it. This hides our natural reason of our existence. In his book '25 Principles of Success', Jack Canfield has elaborated how knowing the purpose of one's existence is very much useful for achieving success. I agree with him as one gets a defined path to lead his/her life by knowing the true purpose of his/her life.
Secondly, It's never too late to pursue your passion.there are many successful people out there who have started late in their lives and achieved great  success. One thing to clear out of your head is to follow your talent and never let it die.
2) Focus is the main thing:
Many times I have seen (including me), that focus is lost by many during their journey. The main purpose of getting there is not to lose focus. When you fail, try not to get distracted from your course and focus on your target. There will be many obstacles, many people will try to stop you from reaching your target but you need to stay focused on your ultimate goal.
Try to treat these obstacles as building blocks which will ultimately take you to your ultimate goal.
3) Make realistic and meaningful goals:
I have seen people making totally unachievable and meaningless targets reaching to nowhere. For reaching to a target, it ust be clearly defined and meaningful. Set the time limits which you believe that you can achieve. Don't look how fast your competitor achieved it. There are several reasons behind it. Maybe his luck was with him and yours is not. Maybe he had all the needed resources but you lack in them. There can be numerous such reasons for you to achieve success taking more time than your competitor.
"Imagine that if you achieve success that easily, would you be satisfied?"
Another thing which I want to elaborate here is that you should try and make your goals very specific. This way you will achieve the target more easily as your mind will be focused on that one specific goal.
4) Giving up is not accepted:
There might be several factors which will lead you toward deciding that you want to give up. There may be failures, there may be a reason like you have thrown everything at it etc. My advice is that you should never give up. Keep in mind that every problem has a solution. Keep in mind that you just haven't found the exact solution to it. Failures are stepping stones for your success and you learn to succeed by failing. Imagine that if you achieve success that easily, would you be satisfied? Ask this question to yourself when you decide to give up!

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  1. Absolutely agree with you on each. Focus is very important!


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