May 29, 2016


Saurabh Chawla |

intrigued by the life I got poem by saurabh chawla

Walking on the empty roads
Untouched by the air around
Staring at the bruised skies
Wondering why I bled

On the way up above
Shedding the wings behind
Slowly building up the new ones
Waited long for this molting

Loathing the ground below
Leaving sins and virtues behind
Excited about this revelation
I found the dawn of the dying day

Like a stray bullet I was 
Tired, depraved and stranded
On the way to salvation
Followed the path of a heathen

Hanging by the nail in my head
Had enough of sleepless nights
Show me the way to heaven
Intrigued as why I got a life!

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