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Book Review - The Dance of Durga by Kanika Dhillon

Title: The Dance of Durga

Author: Kanika K. Dhillon

Number of Pages: 350

Publisher: Harper Collins Publishers India

Genre: Fiction

I would like to thank Kanika Dhillon, author of the book to give me an opportunity to review her book. Many apologies too as I am posting this review quite late! Anyways, below is my review of the book.

Book Review:

A truly captivating plot which will take you to the world of villages of Northern India. The story revolves around the life of protagonist, Durga or Rajjo. Her struggle to be famous as a god woman and rule is both exciting and engaging.

The story will take you to the journey of her life since birth. How she was born as a gift of seeing the future, how she lost it all, her suffering in love as a teenager and her marriage to a wealthy man after an abortion! The realism in the story will make you feel that  the characters are in front of your eyes and you are a part of it.

The novel moves like the seasons from summer of the childhood to monsoon of her marriage, The Dance of Durga as it all!

If you want to feel the village air of Northern India and enjoy all the seasons in a single plot, you will definitely like The Dance of Durga and is a good read for you.    

Author's  career started out as “an assistant director to Farah Khan, on Om Shanti Om, and then moved on to Red Chillies's Billu Barber, which was directed by Priyadarshan."


I would like to rate The Dance of Durga a 4/5 for brilliant narration and a captivating and engaging plot. 

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  1. Nice review. The book looks good. Will buy it.
    Great job on the write up, Saurabh!

  2. Tell ,e how did you successfully place the flip kartlink?

    1. Thanks Sharmila! Which link? The end one or the links placed in between the post?


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