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Couldn’t make it this Rakhi, Buy Rakhi Online from Ferns N Petals

quotes on raksha bandhan festival

 Life has gone busy. Taking out time has become a concern nowadays. If you are staying busy with work and couldn’t make it to shop for Rakhi for your brother this Rakhi season, Ferns N Petals has a perfect solution for you. Now you can buy a Designer Rakhi for Brother at Ferns N Petals online.
I would like to share one incident that happened with me last year. I had to join my new office at the beginning of summer this year. I hated the idea of being away from home since childhood, but sometimes you have to adjust to the situations in life. As I joined recently, I couldn’t take a leave so early. One day I got a call from my sister. She was also juggling with her job and her personal life. She couldn’t even get time for shopping. So she usually does all the shopping online. Between our talks, she asked about whether Rakhi is also available online. Well, not being a shopping freak, I simply said that I don’t have an idea about it.
After our call, I was somewhat curious to explore online. Next day at office, I observed one of my colleagues was busy with the sorority. I simply went to my desk and started working. During lunch hours, we discussed about taking a leave for the Rakhi festival. As I was not taking a leave, I pretended to ignore the talk. Suddenly, I heard one of them saying that she wouldn’t be able to make it this time so she had chosen to buy it online. I jumped in the conversation. ‘Is it available online?’ I asked her. Everybody was surprised with my sudden interest in the discussion.
She replied that she has been doing it since last two years as she couldn’t find time to buy it in the market due to hectic job timings. One of them had another reason that there is more variety of Rakhi gifts online to choose from. I asked several times about any online store which would be reliable. The reply was a vague one, ‘there are many, you can Google.’ As I am not that much into online shopping, I was seriously unaware about the reliability of the online stores.
Upon prodding, my colleague suggested me to go with Ferns N Petals as she had been buying Rakhi gifts online from them since last two years. After leaving for home that day, I called up y sister. I was excited to tell her the good news. But before that, I myself explored the website and shortlisted some of the Rakhi gifts online. They offer exclusive Rakhi gifts online for you to choose from, a huge variety from Elegant Bracelet Rakhi to Zardosi Rakhi and many more.

Finally, I received a Zardosi Rakhi and felt relieved.


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  2. The festival of Rakhi is not merely the celebration of the purest bond of siblings, it's a lot more, celebrating the idyllic companion of the whole life. while the technologies have been blamed for creating more distances between people, I think it's nothing less than a delight for people like us, who are far away from their family. though your sister won't be able to tie up the Rakhi personally. those tied up threads will embrace her love and affection for you for the rest of the life.


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