Aug 6, 2016

Hold Me Tight, Will Ya Please?

Saurabh Chawla |

couple holding each other tightly in rain

Roaming through the night
Seeing the stars kiss the skies
The moonlight kiss you, what a sight
No proof needed, I surmise!

Walking hands in hands
I envy the celestial bliss though
As we move from stones to sands
Everywhere their love they show

Dancing to the tune of the guitar
Heart beats syncing with the drums
I am busy gazing just one star
That can shoot me without any guns

I am in love with this new revelation
I will not blame you for the feeling
Neither I will put any accusation
But this is the first time I am dealing

Nothing is forbidden anymore tonight
Your wish is only I want to appease
As the skies shower the drops of love, a furore
Just hold me tight, will ya please?

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