Feb 13, 2017

I am sorry, I have been wrong sometimes!

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To be right, you must know what wrong is. To enjoy the food, be hungry first. To enjoy the water, feel the thirst first. To enjoy the riches, you must know how it feels to be completely broke. To know the true meaning of life, you must have felt or had a brush with near death experience. If you have felt this all, you are successful in life, rest all is a myth.

                                                                                 - Saurabh Chawla

The above quote is entire life encapsulated in few sentences. Often, I have felt like a loser in life. Nothing achieved, nothing gained whether its financially or health wise. I used to throw abuses at my own self in the mirror, cursed myself till I cried and slept off dry eyed. But then one day I quietly sat on my bed cross legged, closed my eyes and let the thoughts pour in small mind of mine. 

Old memories, old dialogues, time I have utilized and the one I wasted. I estimated monies I have used for fun, wasted on alcohol, on people whom I don't know at all. Everything came like a sudden rush of water gushing in, washing every cell of my brain.All was wrong right? I also thought the same till that moment of time  Then I saw it all from an entirely different perspective. Something never touched before. 

right or wrong quotes

Society kept telling me I was doing wrong. From peers to relatives, from parents to siblings, everybody had a same notion. But I begged to differ. I would like to ask you all today, is there any specific definition of what is right and what is wrong? What appears as right to you might appear wrong to me and vice versa. From wrong to right, there is a journey which not everyone has the courage to travel.

But its the truth that some people still travel that route and end up alone most of the times. That's okay to be alone. You will have less distractions and would gain more clarity in life than the opposite way. People will judge you, they will try to play with your mind, they will try to scare you away, and others will take advantage of your fears. One thing will hold you in that path, your own feeling. If you feel that it's right, its usually that way. I don't care what others have to say about it. Its like, 'I was not able to succeed this way, how he can be successful? 

The beliefs of people will push you down till you are buried neck deep under the ground. They will be jealous, surprised, shocked and what not. In fact, they are insecure. I have seen couples holding people hands in public showing their jealousy towards other people who might be staring at either of them. Why is that? We regard this as wrong but either of them is not wrong. Couple wants to secure their relationship and the starers want to satisfy their urge or curiosity whichever the case maybe. 

Everybody has different experience to share regarding right and wrong. A person behaves bad with you, you feel he has done wrong, but same person behaves exactly opposite with other person, he feels the opposite. It's all a matter of what you feel is right or wrong and not how others condition it in you. Unfortunately, this has taken a backseat nowadays. People are more influenced with what others thing of their own self and what others feel as right is right for them. 

I once got asked by this guy regarding why I was helping a friend of mine. Actually he was surprised by the way I was so much involved. What he didn't know about is that what I was doing was right for me. He felt like I was wasting my time. He said to me that I was doing wrong. I did nothing but smiled at him. I have realized this after facing a lot of failures and setbacks,  some by my own mistakes and some by no mistake of mine. Next time, I see a person telling me to do what he feels right or don't aloow me to do what is wrong, I trust my instincts to go ahead or not. 

Have you ever faced such a situation? I bet you have surely faced it at least once in the life. Now I follow one principle, Live the life, don't judge. If others judge you, trust your instincts. Believe me, what you feel about it, it will usually go that way with you. Do share in your thoughts and experiences in the comments section below.    


  1. Nothing is right or wrong, but there are some norms in the society that one should follow -like don't drink, it's not good for health!

    At the end of the day do what makes you happy. I've always believed that one has to be inspired and motivated from within, people can't do that for you everyday! ...And it has worked for me quite well!

    1. That's so true Alok. It is all mindset. Getting motivated from within is the key to all sufferings!

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