Feb 21, 2017

Keeps coming back to me

Saurabh Chawla | | |

It keeps coming back to me poem

Lonely days, haunted nights
I have seen them all
Gone through the pain
Asked myself, does it matter at all?

The times when I was happy
And the ones when I was sad
Memories galore I carry
Can't get rid of them all

Thrown flowers at and thrown stones too
It all feels the same now
From head above to toes below
Like the bruised skies and cracked earth

Separated or united, the paths may be different
Been delusional till now
Done tit for tat sometimes, sometimes left to karma
Sat calmly for few minutes and I was above it all

Every time I cry, you make me glee
When my wounds bleed
You make sure it doesn't exceed
Can't help, but it keeps coming back to me!

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  1. Can relate to it. At the end if we learn, everything is good.

    Profound wordplay, Saurabh 😊

  2. Wonderfully composed, Saurabh!
    'When my wounds bleed
    You make sure it doesn't exceed'...kyaa baat hai:):)

  3. Simple yet deep and emotional. Well written, Saurabh. :)


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