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Independance is a lie!

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Independence – This word is used several times. No matter, this word has a deep meaning and feelings attached to it, but still its imperative to understand the true essence of it.

Are we truly independent? Today, this question came to my mind when I was in a bank to get my Aadhar card linked to my account. I saw people running here and there to get their documents signed to get their payments cleared. I was surprised to see how dependent the system is. One person clears the document, then it is transferred to a person senior to that person for the clearance and then to the third and so on till the final person hands on the payment to the person.

How much dependence is there in a simple process of getting your own payment cleared from your own account! Dependence is everywhere, be it a bank, a job, or a business. The dependence can be on both living or non-living resources.

To understand the true Independence, we need to dig deeper into the activities we adhere our lives to. To get a job, degree is necessary. So, a job is dependent on your educational qualification. One thing leads to another creating a chain of events. With good educational qualification you get a job which earns you a decent salary which in turn makes you financially secure to get married, buy a house, raise children etc.

These chains of events are linked to the basic event (education in this case) in which you did well to get that decent money to live with ease. Looking around yourself, do you feel you are independent?

You rely on vegetables, fruits, trees, nature to survive. Nature is also dependent on you to take care of it. In return, we are only damaging it and nothing else.

Everything is dependent on something. It needs a certain input to give a certain, needed output. Nothing is completely independent except it is out of control. From that perspective, it is dependence which is driving the people and not the independence.

There are people who simply walk clueless, run here and there without knowing what is truly needed to be done of this valuable life. Some of the people follow the normal norms of the society, grow up, get educated, get a job, get married, have children, raise them and eventually, die. Few of the ones, clear out the clutter from the life and make out of every moment. These are the people who live a content life. The good news is that, they die without any regrets.

From birth till death, a person lives with dependence on something or the other. Is the word independent overrated? Or is it underrated? What’s your take on it?

Independence is something which is lacking. Nothing is independent. Even the human body is dependent on oxygen to survive!


  1. There is no such thing as independence in the actual sense of the word. We use it discreetly. And a thought worth pondering, even the political independence is marred by strict emergency provisions in the Constitution.

    1. Right Saru. It should be defined in a different manner and come with a tag line, terms and conditions applied!


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