Dec 7, 2017

Her Love is Criminal!

Saurabh Chawla |


Her looks so killing
Stabbing me from a distance
In the wind so chilling
The reason of my existence

She crossed my way
Even crossed my mind
In the night and in the day
Not liking the ways that bind

Conquered by an obsession
Or just a mere addiction
Reluctant, I make a confession
I'm tired of this affliction

One day I'm going to find her
Whatever it takes to get there
This crazy winter is a blur
But I'm no one to care

Inebriated by the thoughts
A feeling which is so subliminal
It steals away my heart in shots
Her love is so criminal!  

1 comment:

  1. The end verses just summed up all the essence of the poem and I think that most of the beauty of the poem lied in the end of the poem. It was just incredible to read a wonderful poem in the morning.


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