Jan 30, 2018

Living the Loneliness!

Saurabh Chawla |


Feeling so lonely in the nights
Locked down since centuries
Memories of so many sights
Of used and unused accessories

Buried deep in the sand
Screaming but voice unheard
Will you give me your hand,
Or the plan is deferred?

Sky is bleeding blue
Mysterious lights taking over
But I can't feel the hue
Under this thick cover

Watching the sun go down
Seems like a distant dream
Waiting to come up or drown
Along with the stream

Silence as the only music to my ears
Belonging to the sense of this onliness
Recollecting the long dried tears
And living this life of loneliness!


  1. Awesome lines saurabh...bt loneliness has its own charm..sm days sm nights it msy b excruciatingly painful but at other times it is inexpressible beyond words..

  2. Very beautiful, before meeting me, Margaret was terribly lonely, such a sincere and bright man who came upon a wall of utter ignorance. How can it be? We started chatting in a video chat https://coomeet.com/ I began to learn more about her, probably this girl stole my heart or something like this) We were not too serious, good humor and witty jokes opened our emotions and senses to each other.
    Sometimes, of course, there was some awkwardness and shyness in communication - but as the acquaintance grew, the embarrassment disappeared. Loneliness passes and there is light ...
    And sometimes love, it's important to remember ...


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