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Every Drop is Essential

save water initiative by Livpure

Ever since I have realized the importance of water in life, I have been involved in saving water at my personal level. I was such a fool when I used to ignore the taps that were left open accidentally, leaking showers et al.

All such instances wasted a lot of water which could have been used for some other purposes. In India, drinking water availability is one big factor that affects many.

In order to solve the problem, it has to be a collective effort and not just a single man or a small group of people but a large community should come together to enhance water conservation initiatives.

As per my own personal experiences, I believe people can do the following on the personal level to help save more water so that it is available for the future generation.

1. Fix all leakages in the homes and offices

By fixing leakages, I mean to really fix the issue and not just by blocking or stopping the leakage by using external blockers. If a tap or shower is cracked or broken get it fixed once and for all or replace it.

2. Make use of residue water

Most of the households and offices have ROs installed. The residue water left after filtration process can be used to wash utensils or to wash clothes other than drinking.

Instead of allowing it to gush down the drain, fill it up and make use of it.

3. Don't take more than you want to drink  

This one is most important of all. In most of the households, the water is wasted as we take more than our thirst. We fill the glass full, take a sip and throw away the remaining.

This habit needs a change with immediate effect.

4. Spread Awareness 

Spreading awareness is the step to be taken by the educated people to make the people understand that why water is so essential and should be saved.

This way, people who are wasting water will become alert. They will stop wasting water and will then try to conserve it.

Following the companies who take corporate social responsibility such as #CuttingPaani initiative by Livpure to understand the importance of water in present and future, dive into actual facts and figures etc. will also help in solving this problem. For instance, a large number of people (63 million) don't have access to clean drinking water India (source).

With water, our world is beautiful. Save water because every drop is essential!

Have you taken the step of saving water? Do share in comments below.

Photo by Matthew Kosloski on Unsplash


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