Sep 3, 2019

Inebriated By Your Love, To Divinity

Saurabh Chawla |


You looked at me
With your tired eyes
Not able to, you still prise
Soothing it is, do you agree?

The black Mascara
Accentuating your lashes
Our eyes meet in flashes
Losing slowly in an old era

Nobody is around us
At least I don't see a soul
In the garden of Eden, we stroll
All sorted out, there is no fuss

Dancing with hand in hand
With our fingers clung tight
To the mellifluous band
Please, dim the light!

Wishing this night stayed till Infinity
You and me, eyes to eyes, soul to soul
Slowly we slip in the night, don't cajole
Inebriated by your love, to divinity 


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