Mar 25, 2013

Cute little girl!

Saurabh Chawla |

cute girl cartoon saurabh chawla
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A long time ago, maybe a decade
Or even earlier, I guess
Going to the school, the day was made
Trying really hard, but failed to impress
That cute little girl with a long braid
The smoothness which she never let fade
I was sitting at a seat directly behind her
Feeling so divine, with her hair my fingers played
I didn't care about anyone else, whatever they infer
I just liked that cute little girl with a long braid
The hair so soft, in rhythm they swayed
Even the silk can become brittle for a while
But the shine of her hair, as it is, it stayed
Something was in her, else she would not beguile
I realized now that I loved that cute little girl with a long braid!

This post is written for a contest sponsored by Dove and hosted by Indiblogger 'Beautiful Ends to your Beautiful Braids' . You can check out the link Dove Split End Rescue System.

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  1. beautifully expressed that sweet moment.. :-)

  2. Very nice lines.Depicts a little girl perfectly :)

    1. Thank you so much Uma :) I guess my guess in description is not going to be wasted :)

  3. awww so cute depiction ... loved the braid even.

  4. I really like the comparison you made with silk. Those lines stand out. Good luck Saurabh!

    1. thanks a lot Saru :) all the best to you too :)

  5. Even the silk cab become brittle for a while. Lovely.

  6. I could almost imagine that cute little girl with a smooth shiny mane :)
    Congrats on winning !

  7. Beautiful poem. Well expressed :)

    Congratulations :)


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