Jun 19, 2013

The wanderlust!

Saurabh Chawla |

wanderlust travel poems by saurabh chawla
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Lingering to my thoughts
Talking to a wandering soul
Tough it seems, to untie the knots
But is essential to achieve the goal

The restless mortal is unsure 
The future that points to the destiny 
Often this leaves the one too impure
That even a friend can act as an enemy

Turning the pages of the past memoirs
Oh! It caused him to behest his present
To weave out a long rope like that from a coir
Uncanny to him was it all meant

The urge that burnt a candle inside
Doesn't seem to seize anymore
The wanderlust is somewhere left deprived
In the midst of an ocean, it is still looking for a shore!

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  1. Great shot and nice lines to go with it.

  2. In the midst of an ocean, it is still looking for a shore. lovely lines

  3. What a captivating click. The title is catchy and the poem is even better.
    "The urge that burnt a candle inside
    Doesn't seem to seize anymore"
    Keep it up. :)

    1. Thanks Ankita for stopping by and for the kind and motivating words :)

  4. i guess that happens to everyone at some point in our lives....it's just a matter of time before we bounce back into life and reach our shore! loved these lines!

  5. Beautiful, has so much to dig into...

  6. Lovely....U used the words beautifully!

  7. Loved the poem. Well written, nice words, metaphors and images. Life is such a journey to the unseen, unanticipated destination. Keep the good work up.
    Another Part of Me

  8. brilliant poem.. and equally beautiful picture.. loved it :)

  9. I liked this poem ..deep and interesting

  10. Wonderful poem :-). As they say nothing apart from our soul continues to live even after us, hence the constant wandering in search of a shore.

    1. yes Ashwini :) thanks for reading and I am glad you liked it :)


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