Oct 20, 2013

To achieve anything - is not impossible!

Saurabh Chawla |

achievement is not impossible poem by saurabh chawla 

Wear the shine
Feel the glory
An unusual dine
A different story

The transformation
Is very beneficial
Helps in fixation
It’s not superficial

Ignorance indeed is bliss
He thought to himself
And continued with a hiss
It was all on the shelf

The perseverance
The commitment
The adherence
Will lead to fulfillment

Go ahead, take charge
Stare the challenge in the eye
Not slowly but with a barge
Make it not your foe but an ally

It may be difficult
Think about it, it’s plausible
He didn’t have to practice occult
He said, to achieve anything is not impossible!

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  1. That's such a positive note. Even I believe in it! Great poem! :)

  2. nicely written poem. great entry for WOW

  3. Go ahead, take charge

    Stare the challenge in the eye
    This is really bold. nice poem with positive vibes.

  4. Such a huge dose of positivity!!!

  5. very well written..loved those lines. Encouraging!


  6. Your post brings lot of positive thinking and it always lift the mood no matter how much shit one is. Thumbs up:)


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