Mar 23, 2016

3 Rules to always follow in life

Saurabh Chawla | |
Life can be hard at times. What makes some people get through the hard times whereas on the other hand other people hold themselves back? Today I am going to share 3 rules to always follow no matter whatever phase of life you are at present. If you will follow these three rules, you will surely get through the hard times.
1. Trust yourself
You try to do something, there are lots of people who will try their best to stop you from doing it. They will shatter your hope, play with your dreams which, throw many obstacles in front of you. The only thing which will get you out from all these is trusting yourself. Trusting what you are doing is a very strong motivation which will pull you away from all the obstacles you are facing.
Trusting yourself alone is enough for any man to achieve whatever he wants to achieve in life.
have faith

2. Be Yourself
Easier said than done. This is read and heard many times by you but still somewhere in the back of your mind you have that small regret of living the life of someone else. This happens with almost everybody and the cycle starts from the birth itself. Parents get confused about their child's interests and they follow blindly the advises of their peers and the child ultimately is surrendered to the fate which he doesn't even deserve. Same is repeated with their children. Child gets more confused about his/her interests leading to making bad choices throughout the life.
Take risks, identify the purpose of whatever you are doing as Why you are doing it and what's your ultimate goal behind it? At the end whatever you do, be yourself. It is the only thing which will keep you focused till the end.
3. Have faith
The third and the last rule to be followed is having faith. Whatever you plan to do, whatever you are doing make sure that you never lose faith. Faith is the key which can convert your failures to success and the moment you lose faith, you will lose focus and it will ultimately lead to your downfall. Everything takes time and keeping faith is like a last exam which you have to pass in order to get through.
Have you been practicing these rules? Have they benefited you?  Do share your experiences in the comments section below.


  1. Agree... all three are very important...

  2. सही है। जीवन में ये नियम पालना जरुरी है।।

  3. सही है। जीवन में ये नियम पालना जरुरी है।।


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