Apr 12, 2016

4 reasons you will not get that dream job

Saurabh Chawla | |
We all wonder at some point of our life that what I missed when you didn't get that dream job/contract of yours. Well many a times it may be your fault that fail you to make that impression and other times its sheer bad luck of yours. I, personally believe that bad luck could be one of the factors but in very rare chances. In all other cases some other factors contribute in this failure to acquire that job/contract. The thing is not to get sad to curse your life for that one failed.

power and responsibility

The reason I am saying this is that your life comprises of several thousand or even million events and one may succeed at very less of them. Your life doesn't depend on a single event in life. Though on pondering the past memories may haunt  you and would make you cry out loud on stupid actions or reactions you made that time but at that point of time, just think about this, I would recommend you to say it loud in your head, "I wouldn't have been what I am today if I would haven't reacted like I did."
Yes, with experience, you gain knowledge, you gain that belief which drives you ahead no matter what it takes. With time, you get to know what you need and what actually you are meant for where you are at that point of time. Instead of getting sad or distressed, you might accept what it is and move on. Now below I would be listing some of the reasons of you failing to acquire your most dreamed job/project/contract:
1) You are over qualified:
This may apply mostly to the job part and yeah sometimes to project/contract as well, particularly the long term ones. The point here is because if you are over qualified, the person who is taking your interview would feel that you might outperform him/her and gain a superior position which would put him in embarrassing situation in his own eyes.
Well you can do much about it but if you sense that then you can get that job/contract by opening up only a little about your knowledge  which is quite difficult as you might feel that you are only lying to yourself.
2) You demand a higher pay:
This is the most common reason for you not getting that job/project/contract. I face it a lot many times while negotiating it with companies. We as humans tend to get work done in the cheapest way possible. But we forget the quality and expertise part which comes along with the person asking for higher price. I would like to cite one incident which occurred to me while I was interacting with a HR of a reputed comapany.
I, having 2+ years of experience in the same field asked for higher package which they clearly refused to give. Disappointed, I told her, "If the same package would have been asked by a fresher, you would have given to him/her? Right?" The answer was in positive. I continued, "Then why not me? I have the experience as well and I don't require any training or supervision as well!" After that they started giving me lectures on industry standards and blah blah stuff.
I remember last line which I told to them, "I request you to kindly review the industry standards and the pay range you have specified with the job posting. If you are still confused, then it's better that we don't waste each other's time and you can look for another candidate. Thank you for your consideration." I calmly dragged their number in the block list. The point here is the principle which I follow very strictly, if others fail to respect your point of view, you don't have any reason to respect theirs.
3) Your ego rules your personality:
Ego is like a slow poison which has not spared even the mightiest of the rulers so how can it spare the people today? With great power, comes great responsibility, I agree to this but would also like to add something to it. With great power, comes great responsibility but also somewhere in the mind of that person a seed of ego is planted which starts eating him slowly.
The point here is however, not about being powerful with army and weapons but about knowledge you possess and you have accumulated in your life. If that knowledge takes up on your mind and starts controlling it, then I must say to better stop it before it eats away your mind affecting your abilities to the extent that you feel paralyzed.  Because it will stop you from any work or follow any principle and if you have already acquired that dream job, you will fail to deliver it successfully as you would not be working on it but your alternate self would be working on it which would ruin it only.
4) Trust is what is missing today:
In such a world with lot of dupes playing around, it becomes extremely difficult to trust anyone for any work. The worse thing is that it is growing each and every minute which makes both, the emplyer and employee turn against of each other. The solution to this problem is not to switch jobs/contracts as it will still be there but to be trustful in every job but make sure not to force other person to trust you as this practice would not lead anywhere. For more about this point, read below mentioned post.
These are the top 3 reasons which I have felt and experienced in my life. What you think about them? Also, if you feel that I have missed something or you would like to add your own points, you are most welcome to do so in the comments section below.


  1. Couldn't agree More to all the reasons you stated, I've been wondering about the ones I couldn't or didn't want to get.

    - xoxo - Chai - Style.. A Pastiche! - styleapastiche.com

    1. Thanks for stopping by. Everybody has their own experiences.


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